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Twenty five years of hawking used books has ruined me for retail. You go out hunt for books, haul them home, catalog them, present them in a group shop or online database and when they sell they are gone because you are already out scrounging up more and better books. Buy, sell repeat, the rest is studying.

I had delusions that getting a flood of orders would be a good thing, but it’s not, not really. It is just a tease. In 3 days I got over 100 orders, and mostly all for the same few items. So immediately I began reordering so as fast as the funds came in, they went out. and the kicker, the vendors for those few specialty items were closed for the entire holiday week, so I had money in the bank I couldn’t spend, because the purchase orders were hanging off faxes somewhere in the universe and I had orders i couldn’t fill because each one had one item on back order. I was at the mercy of vendors who got the liberty to close for ‘holidays’ It wasn’t until this last weekend that I got completely caught up, only to fall behind again. Some items are just hard to keep stocked.

I don’t get to close. These days I don’t even get to sleep. I even got one phone call after 11pm asking me about deodorizing books. who DOES that? I packed and shipped 85 orders over the weekend, and my bank acct sunk to its regular baseline. Afterwards my hands felt like mittens. New England has put on its winter woolens and my fingers never do well in cold weather anyway.

I figure I can catch up on blogging when I catch up on work work. ‘Work work’ is the kind that pays the bills, not the other kind that fills up the other waking hours.

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