World Book Day

birthday boy • On this day I history my good friend Billy Shakespeare was born. Bill and I go way back, we were in school together. BBC news gives us a piece on the Royal Shakespeare company’s complete works programme.

fix’er upper •
here’s a nice feature on Nashville book binder Amanda Buck.

yummy •
the NYT review of Wallace Shawn’s new translation of Brecht’s Three Penny Opera which opened last night with Alan Cumming and Cindy Lauper.

from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

Stupid books
Jonathan A. Salit, Pembroke pines
Posted April 23 2006

I recently visited the new Weston branch library at the Broward Community College campus. It is a beautiful facility. Upon looking over the new books, I found a lot of titles for “dummies,” quite a few for “idiots” and a couple for “stupid.” This disturbs me greatly. I grew up in a home where name calling was forbidden. This is the dumbing down of America. If you read a book for a dummy, idiot or stupid, what does that make you?

Most astute comment I have read in AGES.

everybody is a critic • Shark bites Davis Bunn’s feet…there’s a butt joke in there but i’m going to ignore it.

obit worth reading • South African author Ellen Kuzwayo at 91, a women’s rights and anti-apartheid champion.

event • Unesco World book and Copyright day

worth the read • interesting piece on why so many letters from so many languages look alike.

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