World Suicide Prevention Day.

amazing how many things need doing, when you get laid off and replaced by cheaper unskilled labor – in the last 3 days, i have had to replace 2 truck tires, fix the leak in the kitchen ceiling (i still haven’t replaced the tiles), paid off my tax account with the balance in my checkbook, mixed and packaged 75 pounds of book deodorizer, reformatted the new edition of my book repair book because i took a short cut and screwed up the manuscript, and stockpiled cat food and toilet paper, two things which have no ersatz version. don’t get me wrong i have been a professional bookseller for 25 years, really . . . ask around, and when pressed i can sell enough books to keep body and soul together, but being able to afford to buy meat on a regular basis and watch as ends meet in the middle has made me spoiled and lazy. So, if i get cranky . . . well, crankier, you have been forwarned.

birthdays •
1886 – Hilda Doolittle, American poet and novelist (d. 1961)
1890 – Franz Werfel, poet and author (d. 1945)
1941 – Stephen Jay Gould, American paleontologist (d. 2002)

blog of note • John Reinhart’s Bibliobloggin has a nice piece on a run-in with his favorite writer Richard Ford who has developed some disdain for us petty resalers.

audio • Linda Wertheimer interviews critic & editor Harold Bloom about the new autobiography American Religious Poetry.

more audio • A.B. Yehoshua is an Israeli novelist and Lebanese writer Elias Khoury consider the Middle East on All things Considered.

event • Wichita to host first Kansas Book Festival Sept 29-30.

civil suits Pennsylvania has won its case against book club marketer Bookspan for the mishandling of 450 PA customers.

worth reading • A. N. Wilson recommends rereading Dicken’s Tale of Two Cities

site worth seeing • COVERS a site/blog dedicated to the appreciation of book cover design. Click on the covers to see the particulars and comment on the design. C@@L

talking head • from the NYT an interview with double Newbery award winner Katherine Paterson

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