washing-machine-cartoon I had a fight with my lawyer about a washing machine…a twenty year old washing machine…with rust on it. i know i know…<hangs head in shame>…..to me it wasn’t ABOUT the washing machine at all…why would it be, right? besides he had no idea what i was on about… Basically we have a signed purchase and sale agreement floating around the universe…last time i checked the broker’s assistant was chasing my sister in law for her signature…but my lawyer likes to play things close to the vest…translation, he never volunteers any information, he waits until i get pissed off enough to ask him about stuff…. so when i read through the thing, it makes mention of all the appliances in the building being part of the sale…yatta yatta …of course what’s in the apartments goes with the apartments..but no one ever talked to me about what i wanted to keep and what i wanted to leave… no one ever ASKED me my opinion about dick, they just went on about their business… the laundry room in the basement is MINE, not a communal space, never has been, another thing Himself and I fought over…he had the entire rest of the basement to add coin op machines IF he wanted them. obviously he didn’t want them enough…so i have my industrial shelving and all my shipping materials down there…along with my mother’s washing machines and drier. It’s just always been that way…40 years now… The machines are shit, i know this..i use the most rusted one for the cat bedding, and the drier was out of commission for the last few years until i had it fixed last summer. But i still have one reasonable pre Energy Star washer, that i wanted to donate to the wild life rescue folks. Now  if the new owners actually WANTED these things, i wouldn’t have had much to say, but they don’t…they are all going to the dump so they can put in washers for the tenants..i know this..that’s what i would do. It would be wasteful, to let it go to the dump and then have to buy a new one for the animal laundry… well I probably could buy them a $400 washing machine, once i have the money. – who knows i still may, i may send these all to the dump and buy them a new one…i just wanted the CHOICE, of what to do with what i considered MY appliances. Hell I consider the ones in my apartment mine too, since i had to buy them myself, they didn’t come out of the house account. Can you SEE where my brain was stuck in an endless loop? I was never asked about what was MINE and what was included in the sale, i didn’t like being left OUT of the discussion. I wanted to be IN the loop when these decisions are made…i have had 10 years of being OUT of the loop letting himself drive the place into the ground, letting MY lawyer do it as well,  just irks me like finger nails on a blackboard. Sometime in the next day I will sign the paper too. And then baring the new owner’s inspector finding all those dead bodies i buried in the yard, about a month from now, I will have a little cash in my pocket and will no longer be a homeowner. At least for the time being. But I will still have a crappy washing machine.

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