must read vent • see, this is why I sometimes wanna reach out and punch people . . . . Ian at Lux Mentis has a post up about a $3000 book that came wrapped in well not much of anything at all.

Why do some people mistake TYVEK for KEVLAR? Yes they are both from Dupont but folks they are NOT INTERCHANGEABLE.

Who the hell ships a 4 figure book wrapped in paper and plastic? what kind of shit is that?

Tell you what guys lets make a rule of thumb, you and me, right now . . . how about – 30 dollars MUST have a box. Got that . . . . 30 BUCKS EQUALS BOX . Simple, declarative, easy to understand. No recite it, louder . . . I can’t hear you . . . 30 BUCKS EQUALS BOX. Great now write it down and put it somewhere you won’t forget.

Somebody wake me when we get to 09.

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