xenophobia comes from illiteracy

color me surprisedAmazon refused to honor a $200 online gift card claiming it had already been used and they also refused to tell the owner who had spent it. Basically they wouldn’t even offer a replacement until the Chicago woman’s local newspaper put them on the spot. I am wondering how many incidents of stolen online gift cards go unreported?

one book one world – according to a BBC world book day poll, British Librarians have selected To Kill a Mockingbird as the book they would recommend for all adults to read.

poll dancing – another World Day poll reveals that readers prefer happy endings to sad ones. Pride and Prejudice was the favorite happy ending and Tess of the D’urbervilles is the least favorite sad ending.

ya think? Vladimir Putin says that xenophobia comes from illiteracy.

tall tales – The Weinstein Co. (of Miramax fame) are optioning a biopic of fictitious author J.T. Leroy based on a trio of articles by New York Times scribe Warren St. John.

arms & the pen – Will Self, Ian McEwan Nick Hornby, JM Coetzee and Mike Leigh have published a letter in the Times Literary Supplement protesting against Reed Exhibitions the organizers of the London Book Fair who also hold arms fairs around the world. Reed Exhibitions is an arm (pun intended) of Reed Elsevier, publishers of among other things, the medical journal The Lancet who are also none to happy about their parent company’s war mongering. If you want to join in the effort : Campaign Against Arms Trade.

pictures worth – The exhibition Searching for Shakespeare which opens today a the National Portrait Gallery, London, brings together all the principal portraits purporting to represent him – showing they could not all have been the same man.

obit worth reading – John Burkhardt 83, Detroit binder.

memento mori – Seattle’s Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame is holding a public memorial tonight for Octavia Butler.


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