year end streaming

I dunno what it is about the end of the year, a time when my OCD goes into overdrive. What is supposed to a season of low serotonin sluggardness affects me inversely. Perhaps I am just get sick of living in my own personal Habitrail. Out of the corner of my eye I see a year’s worth of unfinished projects, unsorted books and assorted other creeping things all threatening to consume the empty space in my home sweet hovel. So, I tackle them, sometimes with a shovel. The de-clutter books still don’t have a specialized ‘bookseller’ chapters. ‘Keep’, ‘Save’ and ‘Give’ just won’t cut it. We need Keep, Hide, Let Ripen, Catalog now, Catalog later, Sell Retail, Sell Wholesale, Auction, Donate, and Hide; and that’s just the books. Sorting the unsorted usually takes me a couple of weeks. Slowly nibbling at the piles of books, dusting them off with my handy dandy shoe shine brush, working them onto bookshelves, into boxes or out of the house all together. But most of the piles of detritus in my office are non-book – papers to file, images to scan, and the ‘other’ things. The ‘Other’ things – things that are SUPPOSED to go elsewhere. This is where all those souvenir bookbags come in handy – one book bag for each location, put into the truck cab and dropped off. The chores that give me that extra smugness about are ‘finishing’ things – sewing projects, binding projects (some of these I do in all nighters close to New Years) and getting things repaired. This year I mailed a broken HP camera back to HP corporate and they mailed me a brand new one. Whenever, I get fed up with customer disservice minions I just box and mail my problem back to whatever corporate office is pissing me off – if you aim high enough you always get a response. I found the Minox repair shop and mailed that camera off to be fix and finally mailed my Swiss Army Knife off to be cleaned and repaired for free (I love life time guarantees.) I am slowly working my way down to bare surface which is nice to see for the few minutes that it lasts.

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