yes virginia that is a begging bowl

tin_cupRemember that line from Godfather 3? the ONLY line worth remembering? the one where he says “just when i think i am out they pull me back in.” yep that line. In my universe I am kinda the queen of the non-paying job. And let me tell you about the Non-Profit takes the word ‘Non Profit’ literally; and that guy who said that no one ever went broke from giving was full of shit.

This last week I have been underwater with nonprofit chores…websites, clinics, fun and games etc.. Monday the cat ladies were taken out to dinner by big-pharma-vet..anything we wanted and all we had to do was watch videos about parasite lifecycles and hear a sales pitch about products were were already will be proud to hear i ate A LOT.

I don’t mind spending all my free time contributing to the community, but really the utility companies are less than understanding. Yesterday i took a poll and apparently several people think I would make a kick ass bartender. yes, i am also glad my mother is gone cause THIS would have killed her. Bartending would take up the nights that I am completely wasting online and keep the creditors at bay, while still allowing me to pretend to run a business during the day.

I got 2 more weeks to sign up at a reduced rate..if i can scrounge up the money by then, I may have to start selling off cats to the asian restaurants down the block…come to think of it they pay by the pound so i better lay in some more cat food.

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