yesterday was National Milk Chocolate Day

and I missed it – damn.

birthday boys •
1869 – Booth Tarkington (d.1946) American novelist and dramatist
1878 –
Don Marquis (d.1937) American newspaperman, poet, and playwright
Stanley Kunitz, American poet (d. 2006)
1918 – Edwin O’Connor, American novelist and Pulitzer Prize for Fiction winner (d. 1968)

worth reading • The Guardian Pays tribute to Julian Maclaren-Ross, the model for X Trapnel in Anthony Powell’s A Dance to the Music of Time, who died of a heart attack brought on by drink and drugs in 1964. A literary dandy whose contemporaries and admirers included Cyril Connolly, Graham Greene, John Betjeman and Evelyn Waugh, Maclaren-Ross was the laureate of London’s post-war literary demi-monde.

tentacle boy • is making its first foray into the movie business after picking up the film rights for Keith Donohue’s fantasy novel The Stolen Child.

lost & found • Virginia man finds 188 year old Bible in dump bin see what happens when you recycle?

naughty naughty • Norman Buckley, faces jail after he admitted stealing some of the treasures of Manchester Central Library where he worked and putting them up for sale on the internet.

obit worth reading • Fantasy novelist David Gemmell at 57, best known for stories such as Legend and Waylander.

unnews • there is ACTUALLY an AP Wire story about how the DaVinci Code fad is finally fading. I kid you not – because sales and interest are on the wane, someone PAID someone to write 476 words on how the DaVinci Code is NOT news anymore. Sheee-it, I want a job like that.

ziplock fresh • regarding the book found in an Irish Bog,’s Explainer explains how bogs keep things fresh.

something new • review of Richard Kurin’s Hope Diamond: The Legendary History of a Cursed Gem.

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