you owe me 2.09

Dear Sunoco,
You owe me 2.09.

Today I was one again refused service at Sunoco a Plus, 119 Merrimack St. Methuen, MA 01844. I had apparently forgotten about the first time I tried to use my Master Card INSIDE the store to purchase gasoline and several snack items. I must have thought it was an aberation or some technical glitch. But today when I tried to purchase twenty dollars worth of gasoline as well as 1 Red Bull, I was charged only for the 2.09 Red Bull and the cashier refused to ring up my gasoline purchase. I was informed that gasoline could only be paid for with a credit card at the pump. My master card is not recognized AT YOUR PUMP, and the pump always says “see cashier” however presenting the cards to the cashier does no good as they would rather send me away without any gas.

I find this a violation of your contract with Master Card to accept it as tender for a consumer’s purchase. If you don’t accept the cards inside the store, you should take down the signage. During today’s transaction, not only was I turned away to drive another seven miles to find gasoline, but the clerk KEPT my paid for Red Bull and my charge slip. I want my 2.09 please.

J Godsey
14 Pleasant St.
Methuen, MA 01844.

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